About BAM

Brinnington Active Movement is a collaboration between Life Leisure and MSA Live.


This project aims to encourage the community to go outdoors! Brinnington has lots on offer, with many landmarks in the town itself, as well as Reddish Vale Country Park. The town lacks in outdoor activity, so lets do something about it!


This project installs an Audio walk that guides its users around the town and park with information about landmarks. It will also install two park interventions, although their modularity allows for installation elsewhere too, as well as a new park entrance.


Our first meetings with LifeLeisure took place in December 2023. Since then, we have taken part in site visits, client and community consultations, legal and ethical reviews and approvals, site analysis and budget considerations. The final two weeks of the project were an intensive, multi-year collaboration to finalise our designs and create project outputs.


The goal of this project is for LifeLeisure to enhance the community identity and encourage outdoor activity. In the future, we hope this can be succefully implemented in the town.