Our Walking Route

The audio walk is equipped with QR codes for more information and contact details should you need them.

The audios are also listed below should there be an issue in scanning.

1, Brinnington Leisure Complex

Explore the streets of Brinnington and the nature nearby with the help of this audio walk. Scan the QR codes as you go around, learn something new and enjoy the outdoors!

2, Vale Park Start

Welcome to Reddish Country Vale Park! Did you know this park spans 161 hectares? That’s over 300 football fields! As you make your journey through the park, look around and listen, can you see or hear any of the wildlife?

3, Vale Park End 

Reddish Country Vale Park is home to all kinds of species! Rabbits, squirrels, swallows, kingfishers, ducks, geese, butterflies… the list goes on. Did you see any on your way through the park?

You can now continue through the park to Reddish Vale Visitor Centre and the viaduct, or you can take the shorter route straight back into Brinnington.

4, Park Intervention

This intervention is located in a residential area. It is made for the community to interact, play and meet one another. While walking around this area you will be able to see a large amount of green spaces and trees. Nearby you can find Moat Walk Park and Stockport woodlands. Did you know that Stockport is home to a variety of woodlands that provide the ideal setting for walks, runs, and even picnics? A variety of animals and plants can be found living in our woodlands. Through the Woodland Management Grants from the Forestry Commission, we have been able to invest in the growth of trees in our woodlands. The woodland trees have undergone several enhancements to ensure the success of a greater variety of plant species, most of which are local.
Additionally, boxes have been erected to give birds and bats more places to roost and build their nests.
New paths and steps have improved access to our woodlands, allowing more people to explore and enjoy our greenspaces.

5, Brinnington Train Station

Welcome to the railway station! The train station opened on 12 December 1977 and is a stop on the Hope Valley Line between Manchester and Sheffield. Brinnington Station Swap Shop can also be found here. Do you have anything that you don’t want anymore? You can leave it here and take something you do need for free!

6, Park Intervention

Welcome to Park intervention 2. The aim for this intervention is to create meeting spaces and a break spot while you are enjoying your audio walk. On your way to this location you would have walked over a bridge and had views looking over the railway.

7, Youth Centre

Brinnington Youth Centre offers everything you can think of! Taekwondo, Yoga, and even homework group! With a full-sized basketball court, a pool table, table tennis and free wifi, go in and enjoy the lovely cafe! All are welcome and they are equipped with an accessible toilet.

8, Bowling Green

The bowling green is a beautiful piece of greenery here in Brinnington. As a social space, the community can come together here to play bowling, where players try to bowl their ball the closest to a smaller ball. Have you ever played before?

9, Lighthouse Centre

The lighthouse centre is home to Brinnington community church. The hall is up for hire for parties or you can simply go inside for a cup of tea and to meet some new people. As a community centre, its back garden holds colourful fences, games and wall art! Why don't you look inside?

Extension A, Tame Bridge 

This bridge goes over the River Tame. Starting in Denshaw Moor this river will join the River Goyt in Stockport to form the River Mersey and flow out to the sea!

Extension B, Visitors Centre

The visitor centre offers more information about the park, with displays about the heritage, wildlife and future of the park by local artists! Go inside to have a look or turn around and continue the route!

Extension C, Reddish Viaduct

Here you will see Reddish Vale viaduct. This was built in 1875 and carries the railway over the river. Maybe you want to stop here for a picnic or to take a photo?The next stop will bring you back into Brinnington.

Ready to Explore?

Experience the beauty of Brinnington. Choose your preferred walking route and set off on an unforgettable adventure today!